Rarely Seen Dartmoor

This is an opportunity for you to visit some of the more unusual and not so advertised beauty spots on Dartmoor. These places do not have shops, but are the sorts of places that avid Dartmoor lovers like to visit. Why not come along for a very pleasurable experience, oh, and don’t forget your cameras, you’ll be glad you brought them. As some of these places involve short walks on open moor it is advisable to wear sturdy walking shoes or boots. Transport to and from this activity and refreshments are included in the price. A brief description of each spot can be found below.

Provisionally Book Tour 1

Visit Famous Granite Stones, Legendary Hunter & Moving Granite

Provisionally Book Tour 2

Visit Mothers Tribute, A Charming Hamlet & River Dart Stroll

Provisionally Book Tour 3

Visit Peaceful Dartmoor, A Dartmoor Tomb & Made From the Land

Provisionally Book Tour 4

Visit Calming Place, Medieval Village & Gunpowder Creation



Famous Granite Stones; come and see a place that not only provides fantastic views of Dartmoor but also something that took one person two years to create and are reflections of scenes spoken about in the bible; Back to Top

A Legendary Hunter; what happens when you upset the witches on Dartmoor? Come and hear about the greatest hunter of them all who had little respect and certainly no fear of the witch covens; Back to Top

Moving Granite; see where the granite was excavated and transported across Dartmoor near a Tor that stands over 450 meters in height; Back to Top

The Rock Inn; traditional Inn in Haytor Vale that was built in the mid-eighteenth century, the perfect place to unwind and talk about the beauty of that walk and the wonderful scenery you’ve just seen; Back to Top

Mothers Tribute; very unusual tribute made by a son to his mother, stands in an extremely peaceful place that is steeped in history; Back to Top

A Charming Hamlet; see the lovely village with cottages roofed with real Devon thatch perched on the edge of the River Dart. All the cottages are listed grade 2 buildings, with even some of the outbuildings carrying the same status; Back to Top

River Dart Stroll; a beautiful walk that runs more or less parallel to the River Dart and goes through some of the most tranquil countryside you’re ever likely to experience on Dartmoor; Back to Top

Peaceful Dartmoor; take a walk over tranquil open moorland next to an inlet of the River Dart and if you look closely you may see baby trout swimming hurriedly through the reeds; Back to Top

A Dartmoor Tomb; legend has it that this was the tomb a wealthy Saxon lord who was stranded in the winter on the moor, he disembowelled his horse and climbed inside the carcass to stop from freezing, alas this was not enough and he froze to death and where he was found the tomb was built in his honour; Back to Top

Made From the Land; come and see a family run business right in the heart of the Mooreland that produces a range of house wares created by over thirty local craft makers; Back to Top

Calming Place; a beautiful spot situated in the heart of the Dartmoor countryside with the spectacular River Dart running alongside it. Lovely grassy areas were you could have lunch or just relax, close your eyes and listen to the birds singing and river running by; Back to Top

Medieval Village; excavated in 1960’s this village contains houses and barns which were thought to have been used during the Roman period for summer grazing; Back to Top

Gunpowder Creation; see where it was produced on Dartmoor and learn about the elements that were used locally to produce it; Back to Top